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Women Petitioners: London Servants

26 March 2017

I’m going to round off WHM2017 with a couple of posts indulging my current interests in petitions. Today I have two petitions from the London Lives Petitions Project: both are...

The Journey of Sarah Knight (1666-1727)

24 March 2017

In October 1704, Sarah Knight left her home town of Boston, MA, for a five-month journey on horseback to New York, which she recorded in a travel diary which is memorable for its descriptions...

Mary Saxby (1738-1801), an 18th-century vagrant and memoirist

21 March 2017

Mary Saxby’s Memoirs of a Female Vagrant was published posthumously, with the twin goals of raising some money for impoverished relatives and ‘prompting the active...

The will of Elen ferch Lewes (d. 1619)

18 March 2017

Today’s offering, courtesy of the National Library of Wales’s rather amazing Welsh Wills Online project, is the 1619 will of Elen ferch Lewes of Meline, Pembrokeshire. Elen...