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The orphanage full of witches: Lille, 1652-166

18 April 2017

I return to George Garden’s An apology for M. Antonia Bourignon in four parts, published in London in 1699. The...

OED 'coven', noun

12 April 2017

"An assembly, meeting, or company. Obs.?a1513   W. Dunbar Poems (1998) 196   Lat anis the cop ga round about, And wyn the covanis banesoun. spec. A gathering of witches; a...

What is the Shakespearean notepad shown on Antiques Roadshow?

3 April 2017 I drew a Shakespearean colleague's attention to this intriguing item. The notebook is held open in the valuer's hand during...

Stone the crows, says Henry VIII

29 March 2017

As our non-elected national leader presses on towards a future in which she forces legislation through using Henry VIII’s 500 year old form of government by proclamation - somehow...