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Beda Venerabilis

25 May 2017

Today is Ascension Thursday, of course, which takes liturgical precedence unless it is transferred to Sunday (a barbarous practice), but May 25 is the feast of St. Baeda of Northumbria,...

Venerable Helm

25 May 2017

It occurred to me today that, since I am reading Craig Williamson's translation of the entire Old English poetic corpus, it would fit very nicely to make a special note of Anglo-Saxon...

Gratitude and Reverence

25 May 2017

The supreme Will has determined our existence through our ancestors, and, bowing down before Its action, we cannot be indifferent to its instruments. I know that if I were born among...

Wulf, Min Wulf

24 May 2017

Chris Spellman reads the Old English poem, Wulf & Eadwacer:The poem is notoriously obscure, so I'm not sure how much of the translation is rigorous and how much of it is speculative.