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Tent of Meeting

20 October 2017

The wondrous form of the tent of meeting, and later, of Solomon's temple, erected as it was according to divine specifications, was considered an image of the entire creation, assembled...

Two Poem Drafts

19 October 2017

Sounding AlleluiaAh, lately lucid yellow Sun,alleluia is your song;a low and lively air you sing.Allow a lesser bard to praiseyour hallowed light, your holy ray,and let with love your...

A Figment of His Imagination

18 October 2017

It is impossible for a formal effect to be separated from form; but to exist is a formal effect of form, for form is defined as that which gives existence (esse) to a thing; therefore...


17 October 2017

Today is the feast of St. Ignatius of Antioch, martyr, the third bishop of Antioch, and, according to tradition, appointed by St. Paul himself. From his letter to the Smyrnaeans (ch....