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The Two Factors of Education

26 June 2017

Even the conventional everyday morality demands that man should hand down to his children not only the goods he has acquired, but also the capacity to work for the further maintenance...

Poem a Day 26

26 June 2017

HeatThe sidewalks burn with light.The sun is rising high; its heatburns our innocent feet.All things shine that we see, and eyesache from the burning skies.May we see, ere we die, the...

Xunzi, Part I

25 June 2017

What might be called Standard Confucianism consists essentially in the Four Books, which originate out of a commentary tradition on the Five Classics. The traditional acceptation of...

Poem a Day 25

25 June 2017

True LoveI have not yet met you on my way;I guess I cannot marry you today.I thought to meet you walking by the bay;I missed you by a minute on the road;I thought I might just catch...