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29 August 2016

Relationships. Like it or not, we are born into a relationship with Shakespeare. Some are in more deeply than others. He exists as a brand for Stratford upon Avon, his birthplace....

Henslowe at SWP:

29 June 2016

A month ago feels like a fleeting year since playing Henslowe and improvising in Original Pronunciation. Henslowe and Alleyne. What a pair! Grace Iopollo’s lecture-performance...

Shakespeare 400- So far

13 June 2016

Shakespeare 400 -So far the fear in this Shakespeare Year has abated, to be replaced with baited breath. This year is Shakespeare 400 and my contributions so far are small and insignificant...


2 January 2016

1616-2016 NEW YEAR SHAKESFEAR Will it all be too much? This celebration of his death. The world is going all out to celebrate. Will our own contribution be lost? The difference lies...