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18th Century Mothers Know Best: Where to Find True Happiness

16 November 2017

Another bit of advice from Marie Antoinette's mom! Read more »

Marie Antoinette visits the Louvre

26 April 2017

 Anonymous, Portrait of Marie Antoinette. Miniature, cloth. Musée du Louvre. How do you browse an art gallery? Here is a little account of Marie Antoinette visiting the...

How to frame a painting by Fran├žois Boucher

21 September 2016

How to frame a painting by François Boucher [The Interrupted Sleep, 1750] 🍃 💐 🌿 #metmuseum #museumlove #fineart #simplicity #arte #summer #france #cloudwatching ...

How Tall Was Marie Antoinette?

18 July 2016

Joseph Ducreux After French, 1735-1802, Marie Antoinette as a Young Girl. Dates not recorded, oil on canvas. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. How tall was Marie Antoinette? Read more...