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When is calling yourself a failure a good thing?

17 August 2016

Is it alright to brand yourself a failure in some things if you’re prepared to be a winner at others? Continue reading →

A former academic favours Aladdin

24 July 2016

I recently described myself as a 'former academic', which brought to mind the last lecture I gave - and its crazy comparisons. Continue reading →

Man, monster, or both? Bringing Beowulf to the gaming sphere

7 July 2016

Students at UCL have contributed to a gaming project that is designed to engage people with literature and question the stereotypes that 'demonise' video-game players. Continue reading...

Unearthing your private life at work

3 July 2016

There are many good reasons why I don’t write much about work - one being that you’ve no way of knowing how well you actually know somebody you work with... Continue reading...