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Africa is rising – but for whom? Winnie Byanyima’s address to LSE

13 October 2015

Times are changing, and so too must charities. After 75 years in Oxford, Oxfam International will soon be relocating its headquarters to Nairobi, the charity’s executive director...

Falling Arse Over Tit Through History – A Lexical Journey

20 September 2015

Published several decades after the first edition of Johnson’s dictionary, Francis Grose's 'A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue' (1785) contained expressions that were...

Liberating, not lonely? Another truth about being single.

6 September 2015

The Telegraph recently published an article entitled “Liberating, not lonely: the truth about being single”. The problem with this message is that it marginalises the importance...

WhatsApp, Facebook, and the Compromise of Digital Privacy

2 August 2015

A case study into the world of digital privacy in Pakistan has an unfortunate crossover with a personal incident that has made me consider the consequences of this kind of thing much...