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Writing lacks patience, tolerance, sensitivity or nuance. Discuss.

18 January 2016

The financial journalist Anthony Hilton says we're losing something valuable by texting and emailing instead of talking. But does he go too far by suggesting that writing lacks patience,...

Fifty Shades of Green: An Epilogue, 2015

10 January 2016

In the absence of just about anything else, 2015 is best described as a career year. But being labelled 'green' in October threatened to undermine all that had gone before. Continue...

Burning Bridges: A Twist of Character

20 November 2015

I've recently started calling people out on their behaviour, and now find myself burning bridges where I had previously let them crumble. But having burnt no fewer than four in the...

Do public wars require private obstinacy? Mourning for Paris

14 November 2015

ISIL is waging a very 'public' war. Many friends of mine have commented, engaged in debate, and adopted a French flag profile overlay in support of the Paris attacks. Regrettably, I'm...