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WhatsApp, Facebook, and the Compromise of Digital Privacy

2 August 2015

A case study into the world of digital privacy in Pakistan has an unfortunate crossover with a personal incident that has made me consider the consequences of this kind of thing much...

Opening the Box of Private Art: Marvell & Maier

23 July 2015

I recently came across the story of Vivian Maier, a nanny whose photography during the 1950s and 60s lay buried in boxes for decades. Her prints uncover the life and work of a remarkable...

No offence! Please forgive my humour.

5 July 2015

I’ve never been a 'lad' in the sense of predatory and loutish behaviour, but the annual scrutiny of 'lad culture' has made me concerned about my sense of humour and how potentially...

We are not all daydreamers

5 June 2015

Inside the workplace, you're quite often in your own little world. But it's that little private zone which determines how good we really are. Continue reading →