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Can I have my moment, please?

5 November 2016

I've put months of effort into a new project at work that's been credited to half the organisation. What makes us go the extra mile when there's no guarantee of reward at the end of...

The day that changed me forever

29 October 2016

October 28th still registers as one of the most important days in my calendar after a horrible incident 17 years ago. It's a day that changed me forever. Continue reading →

When is calling yourself a failure a good thing?

17 August 2016

Is it alright to brand yourself a failure in some things if you’re prepared to be a winner at others? Continue reading →

A former academic favours Aladdin

24 July 2016

I recently described myself as a 'former academic', which brought to mind the last lecture I gave - and its crazy comparisons. Continue reading →