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We are not all daydreamers

5 June 2015

Inside the workplace, you're quite often in your own little world. But it's that little private zone which determines how good we really are. Continue reading →

An End to Anonymity

30 May 2015

After six years of anonymity here at Writing Privacy, I’ve decided that it’s time to reveal myself. Continue reading →

Unexpected Conversations: Professor Tim Allen

16 May 2015

Speaking at a drinks reception in February with our Head of Department, Professor Tim Allen, I began to realise where lines can cross between early modern studies and the fields of...

Still Life

12 April 2015

A line of work we don’t think about too often is what happens to the dead when there’s nobody left. A poem by Rory Waterman and Uberto Pasolini's remarkable 'Still Life' (2013)...