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Unexpected Conversations: Professor Tim Allen

16 May 2015

Speaking at a drinks reception in February with our Head of Department, Professor Tim Allen, I began to realise where lines can cross between early modern studies and the fields of...

Still Life

12 April 2015

A line of work we don’t think about too often is what happens to the dead when there’s nobody left. A poem by Rory Waterman and Uberto Pasolini's remarkable 'Still Life' (2013)...

The Inside View: an Academic-Turned-Administrator

30 March 2015

As someone who recently became an administrator in an alien discipline, heated debates about the death of the humanities and the polarising divide between academics and administrators...

British Milton Seminar / Milton and America

17 March 2015

A summary of the 51st British Milton Seminar held in Birmingham in March 2015, and the fourth annual Milton lecture, 'Milton and America', delivered by Thomas Corns at the Mercers'...