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Would Marvell approve of Tinder? A response to Cosmopolitan

10 May 2016

The seventeenth-century poet Andrew Marvell received a mention in a recent Cosmopolitan article about Tinder. Would he really have approved of it, as its author claims? Continue reading...

Celebrating Shakespeare in 2016

23 April 2016

To celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, I asked a panel of experts why we continue to celebrate his life and works in 2016. Continue reading →

Shakespeare: Metamorphosis

14 April 2016

A glimpse at some of the treasures on display during the press launch night of Shakespeare: Metamorphosis at the University of London's Senate House Library. Continue reading →

Marvell, Shakespeare, and Green Sicknesses

11 April 2016

Green is the colour of innocence and experience, of sickness and of health. A glimpse at what it means to be 'green' in Andrew Marvell and William Shakespeare. Continue reading →