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The "Jane Austen Goes to Ikea and then to Jane Austen Festival" Gown

21 August 2017

This year was my first visit to Jane Austen Festival in Louisville, Kentucky, at beautiful Locust Grove historic site.I had been to Locust Grove before on a rainy November afternoon...

The Robe a la Turque - Part 2 - The Gown

18 August 2017

Italian Gown in yellow silk taffeta worn with a ruffled voile apron and cap, and fashionable black silk hat with black "Dunmore" shoes. Mid-1780s. One thing I love most in costuming...

The Robe a la Turque, part 1

14 August 2017

Mademoiselle Guimard in Turkish Dress by Greuze, 1790 - LACMA (detail) Who doesn't love the feeling of completing a project you've been obsessing about for *years* and getting to wear...

Trends - Late 18th Century Flippy-Flappies

11 August 2017

The Met - Robe a l'Anglaise - 1785-87 When we start out in costuming for a particular era, we think in centuries - the 18th century, the 19th century - and quickly move into thirds....