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Podcast Episode 8: It's not just One Direction: The Many Hairy Styles of 18th Century Women

24 June 2017

Hi All!Abby here with Episode 8 of Fashion History with American Duchess! This is Part 2 of our 18th Century Hair convo. Last week we talked about hygiene, hair care, and hair products...

Podcast Episode 7: Did They Have BUGS in Their Hair?! 18th Century Hair & Hygiene

16 June 2017

Hi All -Abby here and I am very pleased to release this weeks episode of Fashion History with American Duchess - "Hair, Hygiene, and the 18th Century Woman" - as it is the first...

Episode 6 - Enslaved People's Dress in the 18th & 19th Century with Cheyney McKnight

10 June 2017

Hey Everyone! Cheyney McKnight (Photo: LoomHappenings) Today, we are very excited to share our newest episode for Fashion History with American Duchess! In April, Abby got a chance...

Podcast Episode 5: Hot Town, Summer is Sh*tty (For Costuming)

1 June 2017

Hey All!Our 5th Episode of Fashion History with American Duchess is now live! This week Abby & Lauren sit down and talk about how to beat the summer heat while wearing historic...