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Podcast Episode 4: What Did Napoleon Wear with Mark Schneider

24 May 2017

Mark as Napoleon (death stare optional)... (Photo by Luc Morel) Hello All!This week's episode of Fashion History with American Duchess is all about the big guy himself - Napoleon!...

Podcast Episode 3: All About the Louis Exclusive c. 1660-17

17 May 2017

Hi All!For this week's episode, Abby & Lauren sit down and chat about the newest Exclusive offering from American Duchess - The Louis (Pre-Order open until May 19th! $295) Our...

Abby's Austen Fest Dinner Dress

15 May 2017

Hey All!Abby here! As some of you know, Lauren & I will be attending Jane Austen Festival in Louisville, KY this July (soo excited to go home for business! woo!). As a part of the...

Podcast Ep. 2: Civil War Mourning with Samantha McCarty

11 May 2017

Hello All!We're excited to announce our "second" episode of Fashion History with American Duchess! Today, we are chatting with the lovely Samantha McCarty of The Couture Courtesan all...