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OMG, OMG, OMG, squee!

22 November 2016

Today I received this: A friend in Czechia told me about it earlier this year, and with her help got into contact with the university who had it published. You can’t buy it,...

Late 17th/early 18th century mantilla

31 August 2016

What the item is: A stole, or mantilla. There are two extant examples of this kind of garment in Scandinavia One in Denmark and one in Sweden. Both are made of black silk gauze and...

HSF 2016 Travels: Wool gown, 1680-171

25 July 2016

I have finished a gown! And for once it also fitted into The Historical Sew Monthly! The Challenge: Travels. The pattern for this gown came to my attention thanks to a friend in...

The HSM 2016: Challenge # 5: Holes

22 April 2016

The fifth Historical Sew Monthly challenge is due May 31. The theme is holes and, of course technically, all clothes have holes, at least as soon as you go from a piece of material...