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Joseph Greenleaf and “the Council-chamber in Boston”

12 December 2017

On 16 Nov 1771, the day after Joseph Greenleaf declined to meet with Gov. Thomas Hutchinson and the Massachusetts Council (on the understandable grounds that his teen-aged son was dying),...

The Unusual Ambitions of Joseph Greenleaf

11 December 2017

As I quoted back here, on 14 Nov 1771 the Massachusetts Spy published an essay signed “Mucius Scævola” that called Gov. Thomas Hutchinson a “USURPER,”...

“To prosecute the Printer at Common Law”?

10 December 2017

Yesterday I quoted the essay published in the 14 Nov 1771 Massachusetts Spy over the signature “Mucius Scævola.” It attacked Thomas Hutchinson, declaring him to be...

Thomas Hutchinson as “a monster in government”

9 December 2017

You might think that getting through November meant the end of the saga of Gov. Thomas Hutchinson’s controversial 1771 Thanksgiving proclamation. But he wasn’t that lucky,...