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The Birth of “Brown Bess”

27 June 2017

Last month the Royal Armouries blog posted curator Johnathan Ferguson’s detailed article about the term “Brown Bess” as slang for a British infantryman’s musket....

Hannah Snell and the Press Gang

26 June 2017

Hannah Snell (1723-1792) was a native of Worcester in England. In 1747, her husband having deserted her and their child having died in infancy, she borrowed a brother-in-law’s...

Two Maps of Eighteenth-Century Native America

25 June 2017

A couple of stories about maps created or co-created by Native Americans in contact with British settlers recently caught my eye.At Atlas Obscura, Sarah Laskow wrote about a map drawn...

The Literary Legacy of Joseph Strutt

24 June 2017

Joseph Strutt (1749-1802) was an English engraver and antiquarian. Most of his career was taken up with researching, drawing, and publishing artifacts of the British past: pictures...