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Dr. Joshua Frost’s Calculation of an Eclipse

21 August 2017

While exploring the fictionalized account of the early military career of Jacob Frost, I mentioned his younger brother, Dr. Joshua Frost.Dr. Frost graduated from Harvard College in...

The Stoneham Meeting and the Rev. John Carnes

20 August 2017

The Congregational Library recently announced that it had added the church records of two more Massachusetts towns—Brockton and Stoneham—to its “Hidden Histories”...

“British Occupation of Newport,” 26 Aug.

19 August 2017

On Saturday, 26 August, the Newport Historical Society will host another of its highly regarded living history events, this one depicting “The British Occupation of Newport’s...

Tarleton’s Designs and Daughter

18 August 2017

As a follow-up to yesterday’s posting about the British actress Mary Robinson, here’s an investigation by Sarah Murden of All Things Georgian about Robinson, her daughter,...