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New York Business Woman Mary Alexander 1693-176

17 November 2017

The Alexander Papers at the New-York Historical Society Library contain the records of the mercantile business of Mary Alexander and provide a glimpse into the life of a colonial NYC...

Female Apprentices in 18C Colonial America

14 November 2017

Apprentice Female Tinsmith? Detail Ferblantier (Tin Plate Maker) Encycopedia of Diederot & d'Alembert 1765 Traveling through the English countryside in 1741, William Hutton happened...

18C Women Owning Millinery Shops

11 November 2017

In the 1500s & 1600s, the millinery business involved shopkeepers who dealt in milanese (as in Milan, Italy) ware, like silks, ribbons, armor, swords & other Italian goods....

Colonial Women participate in Consumer Boycotts during the American Revolution

5 November 2017

During the American Revolution, many women joined protests and boycotts of imported British goods voluntarily, while others succumbed to pressure from patriots.  The colonists...