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Did Isaac leap or was he pushed?

17 October 2017

In 2016 2017 it would not be too much to expect a professor of philosophy at an American university to have a working knowledge of the evolution of science in the seventeenth century,...

Can we please stop quoting Albert on Emmy, it’s demeaning?

16 October 2017

Emmy Noether, whom I’ve blogged about a couple of times in the past, is without any doubt one of the greats in the history of mathematics, as is well documented by the testimonials...

A Lady Logician

10 October 2017

Today George Boole is regarded as one of the founders of the computer age that now dominates our culture. George BooleSource: Wikimedia Commons His algebra lies at the base of computer...

The history of mathematics is not that simplistic.

5 October 2017

The Conversation recently posted an article with the title, Five ways ancient India changed the world – with maths, which to be honest left much to be desired as a piece...