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The problem with superlatives

27 April 2017

I have on several occasions in the past written about the problems of the use of certain superlative terms in presentations of the history of science, in particular in popular ones,...

The Man from Nowhere

21 April 2017

This post has nothing to do with the history of science, so if you come here just for that, you don’t need to read this. I just had an exchange on the Internet with an acquaintance,...

Measure for measure

20 April 2017

The Brexit vote in the UK has produced a bizarre collection of desires of those Leavers eager to escape the poisonous grasp of the Brussels’ bureaucrats. At the top of their list...

A birthday amongst the stars

10 April 2017

Readers will probably be aware that as well as writing this blog I also hold, on a more or less regular basis, semi-popular, public lectures on the history of science. These lectures...