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Happy Birthday Conrad – #GesnerDay 2017

26 March 2017

This is a rolling post collating all the contribution made today to celebrate the 501st birthday of the Swiss polymath Conrad Gesner. Armadillo (Family Dasypodidae). Conrad Gesner,...

Friends – #GesnerDay

26 March 2017

It is very common in the history of science, particularly in popular presentations, to describe the life and work of scientists as if they existed in some sort of bubble cut off from...

Prelude to Conrad Gesner Day

23 March 2017

Conrad Gessner memorial at the Old Botanical Garden, ZürichSource: Wikimedia Commons Tomorrow Friday 24 March 2017 Smithsonian Libraries (@SILibraries)will be holding a prelude...

The poetic astronomer

16 March 2017

  Regular readers of this blog will know that I can on occasion be a stroppy, belligerent, pedant, who gets rather riled up over people who spread myths of science and who has...