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4 simple formulas for figuring out a story

29 January 2017

This morning I happened upon a computer file of notes I kept while writing The Shadow Queen. I was particularly interested in a section on formulas for figuring out a novel’s...

Election day, the Woman’s March, and the morning after — a diary in Hope

23 January 2017

The day before the Woman’s March Election Day. The Man Who Shall Not Be Named was sworn in as President of the most powerful nation on Earth. Some were cheering. The majority...

Draft 8: check. Drafts 9, 10, 11: yet to come. On my painfully slow revision process

14 January 2017

Yesterday was a big day for me: I woke at 4:00am, and shortly before 8:00am I emailed my manuscript to my editor and agent. It was Friday 13. I am not superstitious,...

Happy New 2017: on revision, a great classic on Audible, my next newsletter

5 January 2017

  Happy New 2017! I like the feel of this year already. I’ve weaned myself — to some extent — from toxic international news and immersed myself in finishing...