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Best Buy and Curation en passant

9 March 2015

I went to Best Buy to reduce the clutter of remote controls in my living room and simplify my life. Logitech’s Harmony may be the answer. Cheap it isn’t, but then ‘cheap’...

From Shakespeare His Contemporaries to the Book of English

5 March 2015

 Introduction and Summary This is a report about “Shakespeare His Contemporaries,” my project for creating an interoperable digital corpus of plays that in addition to...

Repeated n-grams in Shakespeare His Contemporaries (SHC)

3 September 2014

This is a blog post about the distribution of  a special kind of “dislegomena,” tetragrams and longer n-grams whose “collection frequency” is 2 and whose “document...

BlackLab: searching a TCP corpus by linguistic and structural criteria

23 July 2013

Not quite two years ago I wrote an open letter about the TEI in which I wondered about its successes and failures.  I wrote about  ”a thought experiment where you ask the chairs...