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Engineering English: Machine-assisted curation of TCP texts

2 August 2015

The are somewhere in the neighbourhood of five million incompletely transcribed words in the rougly two billion words of English beooks before 1700 transcribed by the Text Creation...

Hannah, Kate, Lydia, and Shakespeare His Contemporaries (SHC)

25 July 2015

In an earlier blog entry I reported about the ways in which undergraduates at Northwestern and Washington University in St. Louis have contributed to the collaborative curation of TCP...

Shakespeare His Contemporaries (SHC) Released

7 June 2015

In my earlier post “From Shakespeare His Contemporaries to the Book of English” I promised to release all SHC plays “later this spring.” I have now done so,...

Best Buy and Curation en passant

9 March 2015

I went to Best Buy to reduce the clutter of remote controls in my living room and simplify my life. Logitech’s Harmony may be the answer. Cheap it isn’t, but then ‘cheap’...