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Freebo, Free Lunch, and Digital Images

19 December 2015

The recent Twitterstorm over Proquest’s first canceling, and then canceling the canceling, of access to EEBO images by members of the Renaissance Society of America should make...

New release of Shakespeare His Contemporaries

24 November 2015

I have put a new version of Shakespeare His Contemporaries on Google Drive, where you may or view or download the plays. In this version I have grouped the plays by decades and put...

Hannah, Kate, and Lydia at work

27 October 2015

While reviewing the work of Hannah, Kate, and Lydia, I enjoyed the precision and concision of their annotations. A sample of them appears below. While a full documentation would require...

Thou com’st in such a questionable shape: Data Janitoring the SHC corpus from the perspectives of Hannah, Kate, and Lydia

27 October 2015

Below are the reflections of Hannah Bredar, Kate Needham, and Lydia Zoells about their adventures in the mundane world of Lower Criticism,  about which I wrote in an earlier blog...