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Repeated n-grams in Shakespeare His Contemporaries (SHC)

3 September 2014

This is a blog post about the distribution of  a special kind of “dislegomena,” tetragrams and longer n-grams whose “collection frequency” is 2 and whose “document...

BlackLab: searching a TCP corpus by linguistic and structural criteria

23 July 2013

Not quite two years ago I wrote an open letter about the TEI in which I wondered about its successes and failures.  I wrote about  ”a thought experiment where you ask the chairs...

Shakespeare His Contemporaries: a half-time report

23 July 2013

Hannah Bredar, Madeline Burg, Melina Yeh, and Nayoon Ahn have been at work for four weeks in their clean-up operation of the Early Modern plays in the TCP archive. Nicole Sheriko helped...