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Modest or Unmannerly, Which Instrument Shall She Play? - DM Denton

6 April 2015

Music was such an integral part of 17th century life and Hoydens and Firebrands are delighted to welcome DM Denton with a fascinating post on women and music in the seventeenth century....

The Dutch East India Company...Laura Libricz

20 March 2015

The Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie, the Dutch East India Company, was a trading company founded in 1602. Considered by some to be the first corporation in the world, the VOC was...


10 February 2015

Judging by the images and the books that are popular today, can you imagine how someone 400 years from now will view our society? How will they reconstruct our day in age based on the...

The Price of Beauty in the Seventeenth Century - Jessica Cale

4 January 2015

Maybe She’s Born With It (Maybe It’s Lead!) Barbara Palmer (née Villiers), Duchess of Cleveland by John Michael Wright So many seventeenth-century portraits feature women...