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Mirror! Mirror! The Dangers of Georgian Vanity

20 January 2016

The other day, I walked through the makeup section of a department store. Every step of the way, I was bombarded by sales attendants trying to sell me the latest anti-aging potions....

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas (Morbid Rendition!)

24 December 2015

It’s nearly Christmas! Time to revisit this festive episode of Under The Knife. Using the talents of Adrian Teal (artwork), Joel Mishon (animator), and the vocal stylings...

Not Just For Kissing: Medicinal Uses of Mistletoe (Past & Present)

22 December 2015

Ah, December. That time of year when mistletoe springs up magically in entrance halls and doorways, driving unsuspecting individuals into an awkward embrace before they make a mad dash...

“A History of Rotten Teeth” in THE GUARDIAN

18 December 2015

My article on our the history of tooth decay and our endless battle to prevent it is out in The Guardian today, featuring a fascinating photo of George Washington’s dentures...