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Robert Hooke and the Dog’s Lung: Animal Experimentation in History

4 May 2015

In 1664, Robert Hooke—a pioneering member of the Royal Society and lead scientific thinker of his day—decided to investigate the mechanisms involved in breathing. In his...

Under The Knife, Episode 8 – Corpse Medicine

30 April 2015

In Episode 8 of Under The Knife, I discuss how drinking blood and eating flesh used to be accepted medical practice in the past. Learn all about corpse medicine by watching the...

Laennec’s Baton: A Short History of the Stethoscope

21 April 2015

Since its invention in 1816, the stethoscope has become one of the most iconic symbols of the medical profession. Yet there was a time when doctors had to assess the inner sounds of...

Under The Knife, Episode 7 – Medieval Urine Wheels

17 March 2015

In Episode 7 of Under The Knife, I discuss how a pot of pee used to be a crucial diagnostic tool in the past. Learn all about piss prophets and medieval urine wheels! If you enjoy...