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The Cutter’s Art: A Brief History of Bloodletting

28 July 2016

  When King Charles II suffered a sudden seizure on the morning of 2 February 1685, his personal physician had just the remedy. He quickly slashed open a vein in the king’s...

Mangling the Dead: Dissection, Past & Present

28 June 2016

I never feel more alive than when I am standing among the rows and rows of anatomical specimens in medical museums around London. In one jar floats the remains of an ulcerated...

“Not A Relic of the Past” – in THE GUARDIAN

24 May 2016

A bone belonging to the saint Thomas Becket has returned to England after 800 years. My latest article in The Guardian explores our endless fascination with relics, and discusses some...

The Strange, the Morbid, the Bizarre – Now on Instagram!

22 May 2016

After years of resisting, I’m finally on Instagram! Follow me for strange, morbid, and bizarre history facts each day by clicking HERE. The above photo (featured on my account)...