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Houses of Death: Walking the Wards of a Victorian Hospital

24 March 2017

The following blog post relates to my forthcoming book THE BUTCHERING ART, which you can pre-order here.  Today, we think of the hospital as an exemplar of sanitation....

The Dead House – Episode 12 – Under The Knife

16 March 2017

In Episode 12 of Under The Knife, I explore the grim reality facing medical students in earlier centuries when they first entered the dissection room, or “dead house,”...

The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice: 2 Million Hits!

1 March 2017

I was working on a blog post the other day when I saw the counter on my site reach 2 million hits. I had to blink twice. Two million hits?! I never dreamt that there would...

Lincoln’s Corpse – Episode 11 – Under The Knife

23 February 2017

In Episode 11 of Under The Knife, I explore the origins of the modern funeral industry beginning with the American Civil War and the unusual embalming & burial of President Abraham...