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Under The Knife, Episode 4 – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

18 December 2014

In this special, festive episode of Under The Knife, we take on a Christmas classic and give it a morbid twist. Using the talents of Adrian Teal (artwork), Joel Mishon (animator),...

Disturbing Disorders: FOP (Stone Man Syndrome)

17 December 2014

In a letter dated 14 April 1736, the surgeon John Freke (picture below) wrote to the Royal Society regarding a highly unusual case involving a patient at St Bartholomew’s Hospital...

Relic Face-Off: Trailer

11 December 2014

We’re excited to release the trailer for a new mini-series on Under The Knife! In Relic Face-Off, contestants will be invited onto the show and asked to bring with them an object...