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Disturbing Disorders: Cotard’s Delusion (Walking Corpse Syndrome)

7 October 2014

In 1880, a middle-aged woman paid a visit to the French neurologist, Jules Cotard (pictured below), complaining of an unusual predicament. She believed she had ‘no brain, no nerves,...

Under The Knife – Episode 1: The Clockwork Saw

23 September 2014

In the first episode of Under The Knife, I discuss the clockwork saw–a 19th-century medical instrument which failed on a massive scale. Make sure you watch to the very end as...

Ten Terrifying Knives from Medical History

16 September 2014

I’m excited to announce that I’ve just finished filming the first episode of my new YouTube series, Under The Knife, and will be releasing it very soon (please subscribe...