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Hold The Butter! A Brief History of Gorging

26 November 2015

’Tis the season for gorging! Mince pies, buttery rolls, homemade stuffing, turkey joints…all topped off with a dollop of cranberry sauce. In January, we’ll all heave...

Slashing Throats for 170 Years: The “Real” Sweeney Todd

30 October 2015

To most people, Sweeney Todd needs no introduction, thanks in part to Tim Burton’s 2007 adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s musical, starring Johnny Depp as the throat-slashing...

Vampire Legends – PBS & More 4

27 October 2015

I’m excited to announce that I will be appearing on VAMPIRE LEGENDS on PBS tonight (October 27th) at 9 pm EST. This show will also air as BRITAIN’S MEDIEVAL VAMPIRES...

“Fancy Going to the Empire of Death” in THE GUARDIAN

14 October 2015

My article on “dark tourism” and our desire to visit places associated with death is out in The Guardian today, featuring some stunning photos by Dr. Paul Koudounaris. Check...