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The Great New England Eclipse of 193

20 August 2017

In my ongoing preoccupation with turning the universal into the parochial, it wasn’t difficult to determine which historical eclipse had the biggest impact on Salem, which was...

Destination Tamworth

18 August 2017

Even though I previously, and unjustly, relegated New Hampshire to the status of “drive-through” state, it doesn’t mean that I never stopped in its midst. I brake...

The Beautiful Barrett House

15 August 2017

I’ve just returned from a brief getaway to the Granite State during which I drove all over much of its lower half (two-thirds?) but became focused on just two towns: New Ipswich...


10 August 2017

For antiques aficionados, August is all about Americana auctions (couldn’t resist the alliteration!) and there are always Salem pieces to discover. Among the lots of Skinner’s...