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Royal Frolics: Choosing the "Queen of the Bean" at Epiphany

6 January 2017

The Feast of the Epiphany occasioned much merriment--and expense--at the French court during the Renaissance. The tradition of sharing a galette des rois--a cake containing a concealed...

The First Thanksgiving Feast: Salt Pork, Garbanzo Beans, and Tortoise?

22 November 2016

[This post originally appeared on November 27, 2013.]Tradition--and most history books--teach that the first Thanksgiving feast was held in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts, in November...

Review and Giveaway: TIME AND REGRET by M. K. Tod

2 September 2016

In M. K. Tod's third novel, TIME AND REGRET (Lake Union), a ticking-clock mystery provides the link between two narratives set in different eras. In March 1991, Grace Hansen, a just-divorced...

Interview with Susan Spann, Author of THE NINJA'S DAUGHTER

17 August 2016

Today I welcome my friend Susan Spann, author of the popular Shinobi Mystery series set in sixteenth century Japan. Susan has just published the fourth novel in the series. In THE NINJA'S...