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A Trumpet of Sedition

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The Leveller Revolution: Radical Political Organisation in England, 1640–1650, by John Rees - published by Verso Books, price £25.

26 March 2017

It is hard to believe as Michael Braddick points out in his excellent review[1]that this book is the first full length study of the Leveller’s since 1961. Having said that John...

A cabinet of rarities': the curious collections of Sir Thomas Browne- Royal College of Physicians 30 January–27 July 2017, Monday–Friday only, 9am–5pm.

19 March 2017

“His whole house and garden is a paradise and Cabinet of rarities and that of the best collection, amongst Medails, books, Plants, natural things”. John Evelyn, 'The Diary...

A Turbulent, Seditious and Factious People: John Bunyan and His Church-by Christopher Hill-Verso 2017.

9 March 2017

If anything characterized Christopher Hill’s long career it was his belief that to understand any historical change one had to believe in the dialectical connection between economics...