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A Trumpet of Sedition

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Kishlansky on The Rise of the New Model Army

15 August 2017

Dear Keith,                  I have seen your comments on Kishlansky's book on your blog, A Trumpet of Sedition. This work is identical...

The Rise of the New Model Army Paperback – 12 Jan 2008 Mark Kishlansky- Cambridge University Press; Reprint edition ISBN-10: 0521273773

3 August 2017

They lived, they suffered, they died. Thomas Hardy This version of Mark Kishlanksy’s The Rise of the New Model Army in paperback form is a meticulously-researched but...

John Gurney and the English Revolution

26 July 2017

‘Action is the life of all and if thou dost not act, thou dost nothing ‘– Gerrard Winstanley There is no denying that the death of John Gurney was a sad and...

1666: Plague, War and Hellfire Hardcover – 25 Aug 2016-by Rebecca Rideal 304 pages-Publisher: John Murray (25 Aug. 2016) ISBN-10: 1473623537

8 July 2017

Let the flaming London come in view, Like Nero's Rome, burnt to rebuild it new The Second Advice to a Painter by Andrew Marvell “sure so sad a sight was never seen before as...