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Cromwell's Buffoon: The Life and Career of The Regicide, Thomas Pride (Century of the Soldier) Hardcover – 15 May 2017-by Robert Hodkinson- Helion and Company.

8 June 2017

 ‘that he was very sorry for these three nations, whom he saw in a most sad and deplorable condition’ Thomas Pride (Weekly Intelligencer, 1–8 Nov 1659, 212)....

Interview with Robert Hodkinson-Author of Cromwell's Buffoon

1 June 2017

The book Cromwell’s Buffoon -The Life and Career of the Regicide Thomas Pride, has just been released. Helion publishers kindly sent me a review copy. Before the report comes...

Lawrence Stone and the Historiography of the Gentry Contoversy

23 May 2017

By Christopher Thompson The controversy over the economic and social origins of the English Revolution was a topic that excited ferocious debate over sixty years ago. Historians of...

The Causes of the English Revolution 1529-1642 - By Lawrence Stone - Foreword by Clare Jackson – Routledge-202 pages – 2017.

18 May 2017

“A battleground which has been heavily fought over...beset with mines, booby-traps, and ambushes manned by ferocious scholars prepared to fight every inch of the way.” ...