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3 Poldark 6 & 7: Coerced & reluctant relationships; Agatha’s death, Ross’s refusal, Demelza charmed

7 August 2017

[Draft stage because without stills] Dear friends and readers, My header this time refers more or as much to Graham’s books, The Black Moon and The Four Swans, and the 1977 second...

Dunkirk, the movie

3 August 2017

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk Friends and readers, I’ve just read that Dunkirk is this summer’s “big movie.” In his column about it in The Washington Post,...

New Poldark 3:4-5: a deeper emotionalism; a loss of verbal subtleties, and sheer exciting adventure

26 July 2017

Episode 4 again emphasizes Demelza’s self-reliance: she is shown to give birth with just Prudie’s help (Eleanor Tomlinson, Beatie Edney) — this is one of Horsfield’s...

Winston Graham’s non-Poldark fiction: from film noir to opera

16 July 2017

Publicity shot for Marnie (Tippi Hedron, Sean Connery) Friends and readers, I’ve embarked on a study of Graham’s writing beyond his Poldark and Cornish historical fiction,...