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Outlander, the second season, a differently framed Dragonfly in Amber

20 October 2017

[Blog in Progess!!, come back for the 2nd and last 3rd tomorrow night] Claire grieving over her stillborn child, POV Mother superior (Caitrionia Balfe, Frances de la Tour, Episode...

Paul Scott’s Staying On, a coda to his Raj Quartet

13 October 2017

Lucy reading Sarah’s letter telling of the coming of Mr Turner (Staying On, 1980) “We should write to Cooks,” suggests Lucy, “and ask them to put us on the tourist...

Lucky — because alone, seeing death is clearly, he has the courage to remain alive

29 September 2017

Harry Dean Stanton is himself, living utterly independently there Friends and readers, Companionship. What I miss most of all is my husband’s companionship. This past Sunday was...

3 Poldark 8 & 9: like a song; previously individual dramatized scenes ….

14 September 2017

She will have a headstone (Ross and Demelza, Aidan Turner, Elinor Tomlinson, Poldark 2017, Episode 8) Warleggan harassing, destroying Drake’s business (Sam telling Ross, David...