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Another spring syllabus: Booker Prize Books: A Marketplace Niche?

21 March 2017

From The English Patient: the burnt-up hero (Ralph Fiennes) reading Herodotus, the Canadian who has been tortured (William Dafoe) A Syllabus For a course at the Oscher LifeLong Learning...

Nearly a year of reading Virginia Woolf: the struggle to write a new form of novel (2)

20 March 2017

E. M. Forster by Dora Carrington, 1920 (he was one of Hogarth Press’s authors, the Woolf’s friend Friends and readers, The second part of Hermione Lee’s biography...

Nearly a year of reading Virginia Woolf; or The Art of Biography (1)

13 March 2017

Virginia Woolf, a photo taken in 1939 “And the phantom was a woman, and when I came to know her better I called … her the Angel in the House … And when I came to...

Jake Heggie & Terence McNally’s Dead Man Walking

6 March 2017

Sister Helen (Kate Lindsey) holding hands with Joseph de Rocher (Michael Maynes), Dead Man Walking Dear friends and readers, I’ve seen a new great opera. It’s not often...