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Speaking about Torture, edd. Julie A Carlson & Elisabeth Weber

23 April 2017

Friends, Shortly after my husband, Jim, died, I began a process of finishing the books he was in the middle of reading when his brain gave out and he could no longer concentrate. One...

Neruda: a post-modern political film as ironic pursuit story

18 April 2017

Gael Garcia Bernal in an inimitably slightly-comic rendition of Oscar Peluchonneau, a police officer, behind him his crew of replicas (2015 Neruda, directed Pablo Lorraine, Script Guillermo...

Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway & A Room of One’s Own

14 April 2017

Vanessa Redgrave as Clarissa Dalloway coming down the stairs (opening of film) Dear friends and readers, I’ve carried on reading Virginia Woolf, and have reread her Mrs Dalloway,...

Romancing 18th century historical fiction

5 April 2017

An Arthur Rackham illustration of Undine Friends, How all things come together (with or for me). I’ve embarked on teaching Booker Prize novels: a marketplace niche for good books?...