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In Bed with the Georgians – time for a review

13 December 2017

“In bed with the Georgians: – Sex, Scandal & Satire” was published a year ago – how time flies – and there have been some lovely reviews (see here)....

More on La Granja…. Spain’s royal gem.

28 November 2017

Following on from my recent post about  the remarkable 18th Century palace at La Granja, near Segovia, here are a few more pictures to whet the appetite. The first five are all...

La Granja – rather more than a poor man’s Versailles

27 November 2017

One of the advantages of being a Georgian Gentleman is that time-travel doesn’t only have to be backwards – it can also be sideways, giving a chance to explore what else...

Blackbeard, the famous pirate, killed 22 November 1718.

22 November 2017

Of all the pirates in the so-called ‘Golden Age’ none typified the image of the swash-buckling buccaneer better than Edward Teach – the man known to history as ‘Blackbeard’. ...