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Visiting Paris in 1750 …. a contemporary view of what was involved.

18 August 2017

Following on from my recent post describing how to catch a boat to France in 1750, and looking at the problems of post-chaise travel on French roads, I thought it worth looking at Paris...

A journey across the Channel, and a visit to Paris in 1750.

15 August 2017

In my current book,  ‘In Bed with the Georgians, Sex Scandal and Satire’ I mention the small-but-beautifully-formed ‘pocket rocket’ known as  Gertrude...

More pictures from Chatsworth… a truly stately pile.

11 August 2017

I should have made it clear on my post yesterday that the images were from the Chatsworth webpage. Here are a few more odds and ends which I found interesting, using my own images…....

Chatsworth – the most impressive of the lot

10 August 2017

I was interested to get the chance to visit Chatsworth again, in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales. The occasion was the exhibition currently being shown there (on until 22 October) entitled...