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Workshop: Early Modern Intellectual Biographies

13 April 2017

James Harrington (1611-1677) The genre of the intellectual biography has recently come back into vogue. It has been reinvigorated by two recent developments. First, the construction...

The eloquent ideologists of Germany’s New Right

2 April 2017

Thugs in combat boots they’re certainly not. The people Volker Weiss writes about are more of the nerdy variety, he told me over the phone a while back. They know their Greek...

An exile’s home: Algernon Sidney in Nérac

17 March 2017

So, that’s the castle in France where the English republican Algernon Sidney (1623-1683) spent roughly five years of his exile during the Restoration period: le château...

The Turkeys have Voted for Christmas

2 February 2017

After a large majority of British MPs voted in favour of triggering Article 50 last night, the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said that “history has been made”. And...