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Research Infrastructure and the Future of National Libraries

3 February 2017

In my role as a member of the British Library Advisory Council, I was recently asked to present a few thoughts on how research infrastructure might change in response to the changing...

Towards a New History Lab for the Digital Past

20 January 2017

The text of a talk delivered at the launch of the Connected Histories held at the Intitute of Historical Research, London, on 31 March 2011. When the Institute of Historical Research...

Urbanism Kolkata Style

20 January 2017

I recently spent a week at a workshop in Kolkata organised by the British Library and the National Library of India, designed to lay the foundations for a project to digitise early...

The Conundrums of Assessment

20 January 2017

To my chagrin I recently realised that I have been assessing research proposals and grant applications for some twenty years, and have done so for most of the major humanities and social...