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The Mosocophoros, Kriophoros and Early Christian Art

29 March 2017

Moscophoros (Calf-Bearer), c. 550 BCE. Marble, height 165 cm (65 inches). Acropolis Museum, Althens. Image courtesy Wikipedia via user Marsyas. When I was an undergraduate, I remember...

Alberti’s “Istoria” and Modesty

22 March 2017

Longtime readers of my blog may remember when I wrote a post about istoria painting and the game of hide-and-seek to find the “figure in communication” (who is looking...

“Oath of the Horatii” and the Nazi Salute

13 February 2017

Jacques-Louis David, “Oath of the Horatii,” 1784. Oil on canvas, 330 x 425 cm. Image courtesy Wikipedia Today was one of those days in which a student points out something...

Bing Crosby’s “Old West” and Countryside Art

5 January 2017

I wrote in my previous post about how I was trying to learn more about Bing Crosby’s taste in art. I finally have figured out a few things about Bing and his personal art collection,...