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The Alexander Mosaic: Originality, Copies, and Displays

24 May 2017

Alexander the Great Confronts Darius III at the Battle of Issos (or possibly Battle of Gaugamela), floor mosaic, House of the Faun at Pompeii, Italy. 1st century CE Roman copy of a...

Etruscan Terracotta Sculptures and Vent Holes

19 May 2017

Rear view of “Apollo” from the Temple of Veii, c. 510-500 BCE. Terra-cotta, 5’10” I’ve been thinking about the statues from the Temple of Menerva (also...

“Harvester Vase” Fragments and Forms

4 May 2017

Harvester Vase rhyton, c. 1500 BCE (Minoan) from Hagia Triada. Steatite. Diameter 4.5″ (11.3 cm). Archaeological Museum, Iraklion, Crete. Last week I introduced my ancient art...

Jackson Pollock’s “Sea Change”

23 April 2017

Jackson Pollock, “Sea Change,” 1947. Artist and commercial oil paint, with gravel, on canvas, 57 7/8 x 44 1/8 in. (147 x 112.1 cm), Gift of Signora Peggy Guggenheim to the...