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Varieties of Chiasmus in 68 Plays

21 October 2017

This is the paper I delivered at the Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society meeting in Portland, Oregon on 21 October 2017. You can download the slideshow in PDF here.

Get with the Programming

16 October 2017

(This continues my previous post on this research project, about my questions and initial steps.) This week I’m away to the Pacific Northwest Renaissance Conference to deliver...

Find all the Figures

29 September 2017

What? “Ask not what your country can do for you.” Instead, ask what the next line is from President Kennedy’s 1961 inaugural address. Most will remember the second...

What (Might Have) Happened

14 September 2017

“It’s important that we understand what really happened. Because that’s the only way we can stop it from happening again.” Last year’s election of Donald...