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MOOC on Luther

9 January 2017

Among the many contributions to the Reformation Anniversary 2017 I would like to highlight the course “Luther and the West”, prepared by Professor Christine Helmer from...

Ilmari Karimies and his doctoral thesis

9 January 2017

Ilmari Karimies will be defending his doctoral thesis “In your Light we see the Light – Martin Luther’s Understanding of Faith and Reality between 1513 and 1521”...

Finnish scholars in Oxford Research Encyclopedia on Martin Luther

28 October 2016

Several contributions from Finnish Luther scholars have been published in the online version of a new encyclopedia from the Oxford University Press. These include Martin Luther’s...

Vainio and Karimies on Finnish Luther studies

12 January 2016

Current issue of Pro Ecclesia offers two interestingly different contributions from the Finnish Luther scholarship. Dr. Olli-Pekka Vainio addresses several recent criticisms against...