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Migration and the Public Sphere Before Telegraphy

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Building a better data trap; or, why data structures matter

7 April 2017

Historians appear to be quite happy with tables. Tables are neat, orderly repositories of information. Rank and file, we input our names, dates, and other titbits of historical data....

Anatomy of a Newspaper: The Caledonian Mercury, 20 June 1825

28 March 2017

After nearly a year of cleaning, processing, refining, reprocessing and analysing data, I felt cautiously optimistic about my results. Derived from the British Library 19th Century...

Trello as a Reading Diary: Repurposing Productivity Tools in History Teaching

4 May 2016

My newest module, Go West: North America 1785-1914, was an experiment in many ways. First, it attempted to provide a survey of North American history—of Canada, the US, Mexico...

The Platonic Ideal of a Newspaper Article

27 April 2016

In 2014, I began to convert my newspapers transcriptions–stored haphazardly in a variety of plain text and Word documents, as well as Access, OneNote and Evernote databases–into...