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Migration and the Public Sphere Before Telegraphy

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Trello as a Reading Diary: Repurposing Productivity Tools in History Teaching

4 May 2016

My newest module, Go West: North America 1785-1914, was an experiment in many ways. First, it attempted to provide a survey of North American history—of Canada, the US, Mexico...

The Platonic Ideal of a Newspaper Article

27 April 2016

In 2014, I began to convert my newspapers transcriptions–stored haphazardly in a variety of plain text and Word documents, as well as Access, OneNote and Evernote databases–into...

Figshare and Share Alike

22 April 2016

Stepping outside an echo chamber is always a bit unnerving. When I speak to academics about social media, open access and other forms of public engagement, I am usually speaking to...

Georgian Pingbacks Project

21 March 2016

In the wild west of the World Wide Web, if you compose a hilarious joke, provide a simple solution to a complex problem or break a major new story, it is almost certain that your work...