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Migration and the Public Sphere Before Telegraphy

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Scissors-and-Paste-O-Meter Officially Launched for 1800-19

6 September 2017

It is with great pleasure that today I officially announce the launch of the Scissors-and-Paste-O-Meter, a free, online tool for tracking reprints and textual reappearances in 19th-century...

On Developing a Collaborators’ Bill of Responsibilities

4 September 2017

The theme of DH2017 was Access. The papers that were given, and the discussions they engendered, were wide-ranging, encompassing open access publication, diversity within the digital...

On transcending Excel, building a better world, and achieving inner peace on social media

24 July 2017

Historians should not rely upon Excel for temporal data. In the first place, its assumptions are not always entirely logical; type in 04-05-30 and it will assume you mean 1930, whereas...

Building a better data trap; or, why data structures matter

7 April 2017

Historians appear to be quite happy with tables. Tables are neat, orderly repositories of information. Rank and file, we input our names, dates, and other titbits of historical data....