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A New Era: The Folger Now Uses Aeon!

15 August 2017

Arrive at the Folger and grab a locker. Check in at the Registrar desk. Find that perfect spot in the Reading Room—not too cold, with just the right amount of light. Say hello...

How to Make a Librarian Panic

1 August 2017

Co-authored by Renate Mesmer (Head of Conservation), Austin Plann Curley (Book Conservator), and Elizabeth DeBold (Curatorial Assistant). With special thanks to Kevin Cilurzo (Conservation...

“What manner o’thing is your crocodile?”: August 2017

25 July 2017

We’re in the heat of summer (at least here in Washington D.C.) as we approach the end of July. So to help everyone cool off (or at least provide a distraction), we’ve pulled...

I learned to read Secretary Hand!!!! (And so can you)

18 July 2017

Ever seen little kids at the swimming pool excitedly shouting “Look what I can do!!!!” after daring to jump off the big-kid diving board? That’s me right now, having...