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Folger Collections related to Dramatic Performance

12 December 2017

In hopes that we can help theater historians discover more about relevant Folger holdings through their own explorations, we have created this post on “named” collections...

A Sophisticated Leaf

5 December 2017

Henry V fragment. Photo by Elizabeth DeBold.There were several good guesses about this month’s Crocodile Mystery—a crease in the paper, or an off-center, pre-stamped envelope....

“What manner o’thing is your crocodile?”: December 2017

28 November 2017

For December’s Crocodile Mystery, tell us, if you will, what’s happening in the images below. Leave your guess in the comments and we’ll be back next week with the...

Collecting the world in seventeenth-century London

21 November 2017

Guest post by Surekha Davies  From at least the sixteenth century, overseas artifacts found their way into European princely and scholarly collections. There they were catalogued,...