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We’re probably due for another discussion of Stanley Fish

13 July 2017

I think I see an interesting theoretical debate over the horizon. The debate is too big to resolve in a blog post, but I thought it might be narratively useful to foreshadow it—sort...

Finding the great divide

27 May 2017

Last year, Jordan Sellers and I published an article in Modern Language Quarterly, trying to trace the “great divide” that is supposed to open up between mass culture and...

Digital humanities as a semi-normal thing

30 March 2017

Five years ago it was easy to check on new digital subfields of the humanities. Just open Twitter. If a new blog post had dropped, or a magazine had published a fresh denunciation of...

Two syllabi: Digital Humanities and Data Science in the Humanities.

29 January 2017

Splitting "Digital Humanities" into multiple courses at the graduate level. Continue reading →