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A Return to Slings & Arrows for a Thematic Overview of Macbeth

21 April 2017

“Rarer Monsters.” By Susan Coyne and Bob Martin. Dir. Peter Wellington. Perf. Martha Burns, Paul Gross, Don McKellar, Mark McKinney, Oliver Dennis, Susan Coyne, Stephen...

Shakespeare in The [American] Office

13 April 2017

"Free Family Portrait Studio." By B.J. Novak. Perf. Ed Helms and Catherine Tate. Dir. Greg Daniels. The Office. Season 8, episode 24. NBC. 10 May 2012. DVD. Ricky Gervais...

Trevor Noah and Shakespeare

12 April 2017

Trevor Noah: African American. Dir. Ryan Polito. Perf. Trevor Noah. DVD. Inception Media Group, 2013.At the 2017 Shakespeare Association of America Convention in Atlanta,...

More Shakespeare, Jack Benny, and Ronald Coleman

3 April 2017

"Jack's Scrapbook." The Jack Benny Program. CBS. 16 January 1949. Radio.A Shakespeare scholar on one of the LISTSERVs to which I subscribe brought up the issue of Ronald Coleman and...