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Why Matt Trueman is Wrong about Roman Tragedies

25 March 2017

I saw Ivo van Hove’s Roman Tragedies on Sunday. There is no doubt that the work is a significant achievement, an evening of towering ambition and awe-inspiring commitment, a display...

Hamlet (Shakespeare; dir. Robert Icke) Almeida, London; Mar. 2017

22 March 2017

Robert Icke’s Hamlet is so absolutely stacked with ideas and original takes that someone could produce an annotated edition of the play based on it. After a single viewing, I...

Global Thoughts: Emma Rice, Irreverence, and Irrelevance

4 November 2016

So. It’s been over a week since the Emma Rice debacle at the Globe hit the headlines. My first response was anger and disbelief, and obviously, as is my wont, I was ready to blog...

Merchant of Venice (Shakespeare; dir. Nicolas Stemann) Kammerspiele, Munich, Oct 2016

20 October 2016

One might say that Nicolas Stemann doesn’t so much stage The Merchant of Venice as interrogate the play – or the very possibility of staging it now. That would only capture...