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“When God his Summons Sends”

27 March 2017

That inveterate writer JEMIMA CONDICT from Pleasantdale, New Jersey, summarizes what had befallen her family in the past year. It is now the 2 of JANUARY [1777] & as I have not...

“the Blody flux”

23 March 2017

JEMIMA CONDUCT, the young woman from Pleasantdale, New Jersey, once again writes about actions of the British. Monday May first [1775]. this day I think is a Day of mourning we have...

“every Day Brings New Troubels”

20 March 2017

The young Pleasantdale, New Jersey woman JEMIMA CONDICT wrote in her journal that in April 1775 she went with her father to watch the militia drill. Monday Which was Called Training...

“Resolved if Possible to have my tooth out”

17 March 2017

Next Monday I have an appointment with the dentist so I can sympathize with JEMIMA CONDICT when she wrote in her journal on a Monday morning in 1775: “Resolved if Possible to...