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“will you get . . . two Cloths Baskets”

27 April 2017

MARTHA WASHINGTON was not pleased when her husband was elected president. After his service in the Revolutionary War she had hoped to live quietly with him at Mount Vernon. She did...

Items from Martha Washington’s wardrobe

25 April 2017

Searching through information about MARTHA WASHINGTON I came across two items of clothing that reveal something of her as a woman. The slippers, in purple and yellow silk, are the ones...

“While woman’s bound, man can’t be free . . . “

17 April 2017

New Jersey was the first state to grant women the right to vote. They, as well as men, had to be property holders. Because there was some confusion about what the State Constitution...

“that the majority of the Electors were for me is a pleasing one”

13 April 2017

Before leaving John Jay and his wife Sarah just after the result of the gubernatorial election of 1792 was known, I thought it would informative to present a letter from John to Sarah...