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Washington’s Encampment at Verplanck 178

5 December 2017

Having recently visited the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia and written about it in this post, I am tempted to return to see a special limited-run exhibit there from...

“Goods & Chattles”

27 November 2017

An inventory of a household’s goods provides an intimate glimpse of the owner’s life as no other document can. Reading it, one almost feels guilty of spying or trespassing....

Martha Washington’s Recipes

21 November 2017

GEORGE and MARTHA WASHINGTON entertained a good deal—at the presidential residences in New York and Philadelphia and, of course, at Mount Vernon where they always welcomed a stream...

“Ye Olde English Tea Shoppe”

16 November 2017

More about deciphering eighteenth century handwriting. Readers will, of course, have seen the sign “Ye Olde English Tea Shoppe” when looking for a place to have a cuppa....