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Vanished booklets of the 1560s: a few core samples

21 April 2017

When talking about printing, literature, or anything having to do with medieval and early modern texts, it is easy to overlook something that must not be overlooked: how much of what...

A prognostication for Valentine's Day 1469 from the desk of Hartmann Schedel

7 April 2017

Bettina Wagner's work on letters, notes, and other miscellanea from Hartmann Schedel has uncovered quite a few interesting things, including this cataclysmic prognostication for 1469...

Simon Eyssenmann: bibliography v 0.1

5 September 2015

Simon Eyssenmann was a Leipzig professor and author of astrological prognostications following in the footsteps of Wenzel Faber and Conrad Tockler. He is all but forgotten today, but...

Sanctus Columbanus fecit hos caracteres

28 August 2015

Well, that's weird.In another Vatican manuscript (Pal. lat. 482) available in digital facsimile from the Heidelberg UB, there is a series of alphabetic signs in an otherwise empty column...