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Obituary József Gedeon

2 December 2016

József Gedeon (Igor Grín 2008) József Gedeon, manager of the Castle Theatre in Gyula, Hungary, organizer of the Shakespeare Festival (Gyula), member and founder...

Academic blogging: why?

26 July 2016

Now that the summer is at its full swing, when being away from everyday bureaucratic work, thus having the freedom to ponder about stuff that normally is suppressed by daily duties,...

Open Access and the new culture of information flow

3 June 2016

I consider myself an advocate of the Open Access movement not only in words but in deeds as well. That said I have to admit or rather just because of being an advocate I must admit...

Quantitative Analysis with Question Marks

27 October 2015

The fall break started two days ago, and I have had just the leisure to get back to writing a short Python script. I have been working on this project for a while, but as a newbie I...