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Why Sailors Can`t Swim

9 May 2017

Why will a sailor never go to sea on Friday 13th? Why are boats always referred to as 'she'? How do you navigate the ocean without a compass? Does the Bermuda Triangle really exist?...

Great Naval Blunders

9 May 2017

Who was responsible for the design of the Admiral Popov, the circular Russian battleship that wouldn't steer straight? Why did Lord Ansonset set out to circumnavigate the world with...

Port Hole Clock

6 May 2017

Get your room looking ship shape with this fun and colourful porthole wall clock!Glass face, quartz movement1 Triple A Battery (Not Included)

Naturalists in Paradise

6 May 2017

Alfred Russel Wallace, Henry Walter Bates and Richard Spruce were English naturalists who went to Amazonia 150 years ago. This book is the first to combine all three young men’s...