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Chauncey Who?

13 December 2017

Chauncey E. Sanders is anything but a common household name. However for many Evangelicals Sanders is rather well known for having established three tests that demonstrate the “historical...

Things, ca. 1927

21 November 2017

Things are what we encounter, ideas are what we project. Leo Stein, The A-B-C of Aesthetics (NY, 1927), 44

A Distorted Picture

19 October 2017

Modern man has formed a curiously distorted picture of himself, by interpreting his early history in terms of his present interests in making machines and conquering nature. And then...

Trust In Numbers

15 September 2017

Given Ted Porter’s interest numbers and statistics, I would not be surprised if he wrote murder mysteries about gambling and money. The three wives was just icing on the murderous...