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Another Flat Earther

18 April 2017

I marvel at the power of that old chestnut about people in the middle ages believing the earth was flat. Even a person who rejects the myth that Columbus proved the earth was a sphere...

Fugitives from the Closed World

6 April 2017

Alexandre Kroyé almost certainly would write science fiction, sort of a Logan’s Run dystopian escape adventure. Alex Kroye’s sci-fi novel follows two daring individuals...

Flat Earth Globe!

6 April 2017

“As part of Groupon’s commitment to science,” the online coupon site offered on April 1 a special on 2-D, flat earth globes. Groupon’s 2-D, flat earth globe,...

Silenced Spring

19 March 2017

Rachel Carson would have to write a murder mystery, I suspect, about involved a young socialite who knew too much and a sinister Dr. D.D. Thornton.Rachel Karson’s mystery about...