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Intern's Report: My Internship at the David Library by Oliver Shortridge

9 May 2017

Oliver Shortridge graduates this spring from Temple University where he wrote a senior thesis on the history of radio manufacturing in Philadelphia.  A life-long train enthusiast,...

Black History Month: The Story of Prince Freeman

11 February 2017

Guest Blogger:  Emily Biggioni Many people tend to forget that there were African-American soldiers who served in the American Revolution, many of whom applied for and received...

Meryl Streep Brings on the Rev War History

29 July 2016

When a major political party chooses Philadelphia as the setting for its national convention, it's no surprise that the speeches from the convention stage include lofty references to...

A Scholar's Report

11 February 2016

Guest blogger Patrick Callaway is a doctoral candidate at the University of Maine.  He is the recipient of a travel grant from the David Library which allowed him to make...