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History: It's a Family Thing

15 September 2017

Jacob Quasius Guest blogger Jacob Quasius was an undergraduate fellow at the David Library this summer through the Library's partnership with Lycoming College, where Jacob is now a...

The Penobscot Expedition by Geoffrey Fisher

26 August 2017

Geoffrey Fisher, who completed a practicum at the David Library this past spring for credit toward his M. A. in public history from American Public University System, has prepared this...

Intern's Report: My Internship at the David Library by Oliver Shortridge

9 May 2017

Oliver Shortridge graduates this spring from Temple University where he wrote a senior thesis on the history of radio manufacturing in Philadelphia.  A life-long train enthusiast,...

Black History Month: The Story of Prince Freeman

11 February 2017

Guest Blogger:  Emily Biggioni Many people tend to forget that there were African-American soldiers who served in the American Revolution, many of whom applied for and received...