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Thomas Ribright: The Electrifying Optician of 18th-century London.

1 August 2017

Over the years I’m occasionally asked about historical heroes and villains and, in particular, who my ‘history hero’ would be. People are often surprised at my answer....

What About Whiskers? The forgotten facial hair fashion of 19th-century Britain.

21 June 2017

In 1843, an article appeared in the New Orleans ‘Picayune’ newspaper, titled ‘Whiskers. Or, a clean shave’. Dwelling on their utility as ‘ornamental appendages...

How Welsh medicine helped to create America!

29 May 2017

A post about one of Wales’ early medical pioneers. Dr Alun Withey How is Welsh medicine linked to the establishment of a global superpower? On the face of it the two don’t...

The Case of the Severed Finger: Callow vs Heane, 1634

8 May 2017

One from the blog archives for a sunny Monday! Dr Alun Withey In my last blog post I looked at a libel case between two Exeter medical practitioners. It was interesting to see how...