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When Marmalade was Medicinal.

22 November 2017

I must admit to a guilty pleasure – hot buttered toast with a (very!) thick covering of marmalade. Worse than that, I’m even fussy; it absolutely has to be a certain brand,...

The ‘Gimcrack whim collector’: Don Saltero’s Coffee House and Museum

10 October 2017

From the late 1600s until well into the nineteenth, one particular premises, a former coffee house in Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, was a must-see on the list for visitors. Famous for its ‘cabinets...

Overcrowded and Underfunded: 18th-Century Hospitals and the NHS Crisis

6 October 2017

One from the archives, as we brace ourselves for the annual winter onslaught on the NHS. Dr Alun Withey The problem of overcrowded hospitals in Britain is now an annually recurring...

The Great Georgian Snuff Debate

11 September 2017

One from the archives – the ‘Vaping’ of the 18th century! Dr Alun Withey We’re used to debates about tobacco. In any given week it’s a fair bet that...