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18th-Century Barbers at the Old Bailey.

28 April 2017

As my project on the health and medical history of facial hair rolls ever Belforward, I’ve recently turned my attention to barbers and their role in shaping and managing facial...

The Hand of History: Hands, fingers and nails in the eighteenth century

12 April 2017

One from the archives – a post all about how the appearance of even small areas of the body, such as hands, or even fingernails, could be very important, and tell us a great deal...

Barbers and Shaving in early modern Britain.

3 April 2017

As the beards project rolls merrily forward, I’ve recently been turning my attention to barbers in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Over the past few months I’ve...

Birthday Celebration!

21 March 2017

Today is my blog’s 5th birthday! I can clearly remember writing the first post with some trepidation, wondering whether anybody would bother to read it, or would even find...