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Birthday Celebration!

21 March 2017

Today is my blog’s 5th birthday! I can clearly remember writing the first post with some trepidation, wondering whether anybody would bother to read it, or would even find...

‘He is gone from his service before his time’: Medical Apprenticeships in Early Modern Britain

21 March 2017

One from the archives – new posts to follow soon…promise! Dr Alun Withey One of the biggest frustrations in studying Welsh medical history is the lack of institutions....

Sit up Straight! Bad posture and the ‘Neck Swing’ in the 18th century.

14 February 2017

One from the archives: a post about bad posture and treatment in the 18th century Dr Alun Withey Posture is a problematic issue for medicine. Having established a link between ‘bad’...

Warehouses and Shopping in Georgian England

8 February 2017

In recent years there has been a growing interest in the vibrant consumer culture of eighteenth-century Britain. Amanda Vickery has explored gendered consumption, and in particular...