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Re-mapping the world: grief and its aftermath

16 February 2017

I want to think of it like this: that learning to live with death is the last gift our parents have for us. When we were spring, they were already summer. Now their year is over we...

The Kiso Road (for William Scott Wilson)

3 February 2017

I Kiso: clear as a bell among the mountains. Write me, the river says, Witness the road beside me. II The clouds are still tonight. The sky is smoke-blackened But the fires here are...

The library of lost conversation

11 January 2017

My father died in May, seven years after my mother. We are slowly emptying the house the two of them lived in together since the autumn of 1966, a couple of months after I was born....

Between fact and fiction

9 January 2017

This article first appeared in the January 2016 issue of History Today. What does it mean to write history today? What claims can historians make about their work? These are just...