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The Nurse and Juliet: Underappreciated Connections in “Romeo & Juliet”

20 June 2017

In Ben Curns’ “Notes from the Director” program note on our 2016/17 Hungry Hearts touring production of Romeo and Juliet, he cited the enduring, universal divisions...

Much Ado about MUCH ADO

15 June 2017

  The 2017 Summer/Fall Season at the Blackfriars Playhouse kicks off this weekend with performances of Peter and the Starcatcher and Much Ado about Nothing....

Shakespeare’s Mom Was Definitely Better At This Than We Are (But We’re Trying Anyway) #WorldBakingDay

17 May 2017

Hi!  We’re Beth and Jeremy – two home bakers from the American Shakespeare Center. At the ASC, we recover the joy and accessibility of Elizabethan theatre, but...

Introducing “Kids” to Shakespeare: Part 3

15 May 2017

In this blog series, I’m reviewing the suggestions from “The Nerdy Book Club’s” December post “Ten Books to Introduce Kids (of Any Age! Adults, too!) to...