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Aphra Behn, the first professional woman writer

19 October 2017

Aphra Behn, painted by Mary Beale In England, after Shakespeare’s death there followed a period of tremendous change, with the Civil War and execution of the reigning king, Charles...

Shakespeare: Print and Performance

16 October 2017

The 1599 Second Quarto of Romeo and Juliet For many years, even centuries, there was a huge divide between Shakespeare’s plays as they were performed and how they appeared in...

A German Hamlet: Fratricide Punished

11 October 2017

Photographs taken during the puppet performance of “Der Berstraffe Brudermord” by The Hidden Room theatre company on the fourth day of the Blackfriars Conference at the...

Influences on Shakespeare

9 October 2017

Chipo Chung as Dido and Sandy Grierson as Aeneas in the RSC’s Dido Queen of Carthage. Photo by Topher McGrillis, copyright RSC The source books from which Shakespeare took the...