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More stories from the Great Parchment Book: Paul Brasier and Coleraine wharf

15 March 2017

There are lots of stories just waiting to be discovered in the reconstructed pages of the Great Parchment Book. Colin Salter has found information about his ancestor, Paul Brasier who...

Another unique parchment conservation challenge: the Irish Bog Psalter

3 March 2017

The shrivelled and distorted folios of the Great Parchment Book have earned it the nickname the “poppadom book”. Imagine then the state of a parchment book which has been...

Articles, audio clips and animations: an online resource on the history of the Ulster Plantation

13 January 2017

If you want to make a start looking into the history of the Plantation of Ulster, then the BBC has a very good resource available within its online archive. Developed by BBC History...

Great Parchment Book goes to Glasgow (and Finland)

16 December 2016

We were fortunate that the launch of the major academic paper on the Great Parchment Book project coincided with London Metropolitan Archives’ Charlie Turpie presenting the project...