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Elizabeth Compton, her son, and a Huguenot

31 July 2017

Over the past couple of years those dipping in and out of EMLO with regularity will have witnessed increasing commitment to and engagement with growing numbers of students. Not only...

G. J. Vossius: the scholar and the family man

27 June 2017

‘Of the innumerable men whom I have heard lecture from the rostrum, I call three men the greatest: Petavius, Vossius and Varlaeus. However, Vossius stood above them as the cypress...

Bayle is ‘daylie expected’

19 June 2017

To illustrate how we’ve been counting down days, I couldn’t resist putting together a little welcome slide for Professor Antony McKenna who is due to speak on his work as...

Pierre Bayle: a lecture and reception

16 June 2017

While in Oxford for a few days next week, Professor Antony McKenna has kindly agreed to give a talk about the decades of meticulous scholarship that have culminated this year in...