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Digital ups and downs

14 March 2017

I’m extremely sorry to have to put out an ‘extraordinary’ post but, should you be hoping to access EMLO today to consult the latest volume of Henry...

Reading the folds: students of letter-locking

27 February 2017

The fourth Bodleian Libraries Manuscript and Textual Editing Workshops is scheduled to take place this week, and I’m thrilled to announce that the metadata and transcriptions...

Hadriaan Beverland, routes to and from the Dutch Republic, and the postmasters Brienne

26 February 2017

It may be no more than the season, but EMLO is brim full of the ‘joys of spring’. Thanks to the publication of his catalogue in EMLO, we have Hadriaan Beverland...

Epistolary connections: Matthias Bernegger

31 January 2017

When the nineteen-year-old Austrian-born Matthias Bernegger embarked upon his studies in Strasbourg, he developed a particular interest in astronomy and mathematics. Shortly thereafter,...