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Provincial savant to Parisian naturalist: Pierre-Joseph Amoreu

11 October 2017

We are delighted to pass on news of the first-ever publication of the autobiography of the eighteenth-century ‘man of science’ Pierre-Joseph Amoreux. From Montpellier, Amoreux...

Update from Utrecht: Dirk van Miert on three funded doctoral positions

4 October 2017

For those intrigued by the European Research Council [ERC] project Sharing Knowledge in Learned and Literary Networks (SKILLNET): the Republic of Letters as a pan-European Knowledge...

Sharing Knowledge: applications invited for three funded doctoral positions

29 September 2017

At a time when financial backing for doctoral research seems as scarce and elusive as fairy dust, it’s welcome news indeed that three fully funded PhD vacancies are being advertised...

A doctrine of doctors: the Dublin Medico-Philosophical Society

25 September 2017

How fitting at the start of a new academic year that the first of a new batch of catalogues to be published in EMLO concerns a society dedicated to the circulation of knowledge. Established...