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On ashes and archives: the account of John Worthington

29 November 2017

In the main it is for his association with key members of the circle known as the Cambridge Platonists that John Worthington (1618–1671) is remembered today. However, a sub-set...

Signed, Sealed, and Undelivered: the postal treasure at COMM

10 November 2017

Celebrations are afoot in The Hague following the reopening last weekend of the city’s Museum voor Communicatie [COMM]. This museum, which has been undergoing renovation...

In celebration of early modern women, their letters, and the scholars who work with them — WEMLO

25 October 2017

In the midst of the season of awards and new appointments to recognise and reward scholarly achievement, we have been truly thrilled to receive news of significant successes for an...

An Englishman’s home may not be his castle: Cheney Culpeper

20 October 2017

The letters showcased in EMLO this week drop us deep into to the circles that lie at the heart of the Cultures of Knowledge research project. EMLO took shape as a union catalogue back...