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Anno Domini 1672

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Chatham and/or Medway

1 March 2017

Dutch television made a rather nice program on the succesfull attack in 1667 on the English fleet during the second Dutch-Anglo wars.

Symposium at the Loo Palace

6 February 2017

The Williamite Universe is organising  a political historical symposion on the Glorious Revolution.From their facebook page: Monday, May 15th 2017 1688: ‘The Forgotten Revolution’...

Williamite Universe

22 August 2016

New and improved!

Uniformen ~ Uniform Guide

22 July 2016

Click here for a direct link to a uniform guide of the Dutch Army around 1672, from the collection of Gustaphe de Ridder, "based on originals". Unfortunatly I have never seen these...