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International Research Award in Global History

12 July 2017

The Universities of Munich, Basel, and Sydney have issued a call for proposals for an International Research Award in Global History. “The successful applicant will receive up...

Postdoctoral Opportunity in France

7 July 2017

A postdoctoral opportunity in genealogical studies in France for recent PhDs: The postdoctoral fellowship is on “The child and family genealogical stories: globalisation of practices,...

Religious History Fellowships in Florence

14 June 2017

Istituto Sangalli (Sangalli Institute) is offering postdoctoral fellowships in religious history at the Medici Archive Project in Florence. The brief description reads: “The...

The State of Illinois is Destroying its Future

3 February 2017

Illinois high school graduates are fleeing the state in record numbers, largely due to the continuing lack of a state budget in Illinois. State universities in Illinois will lose even...