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Voyant-to-web also a success

25 June 2017

In case you need proof, here’s a link (collocate) graph from Voyant tools, based off the text from the second volume of the English translation of the “French” Duke...

Testing, testing

25 June 2017

…my export test from Aeon 2 timeline software to the web. Preparing to teach a new Introduction to Digital History course in the fall, while overseeing the creation of a modest...

The Google Giveth and the Google Taketh Away

20 June 2017

In other words, hopefully you’ve already downloaded all those tasty EMEMH works from Google Books, like I’ve warned. Because some of them are disappearing from Full View,...

Automating Newspaper Dates, Old Style (to New Style)

27 May 2017

If you’ve been skulking over the years, you know I have a sweet spot for Devonthink, a receptacle into which I throw all my files (text, image, PDF…) related...