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Attack at Languard Fort 350th

26 June 2017

 The Battle of Landguard Fort or the Attack on Landguard Fort was a battle towards the end of the Second Anglo-Dutch War on 2 July 1667 where a Dutch force attacked Landguard Fort...

David Rowlands 5th Regiment at Wilhelmstahl

24 June 2017

From hereArchduke Ferdinand of Brunswick, the commander of the Allied forces in Germany, attacked the French army commanded by Prince Soubise and the Duc D’Estrées, which...

Soldiers from the Age of Gabor Bethlen (English language edition free eBook)

23 June 2017

Published!We are proud to launch the English edition of our e-book that was published in 2013 for the 400th anniversary of the reign of Gábor Bethlen. He was succesful as a...


20 June 2017

Researching and wargaming the wars of 1560-1660 Interesting blog - check it out