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‘Clothes to go handsome in’: what did the seventeenth-century rural poor think about the clothes that they wore?

8 August 2017

This guest post comes from Danae Tankard, a Senior Lecturer in Social and Cultural History at the University of Chichester. It follows on from Mark’s recent post on ‘Material...

Material Culture ‘from Below’

1 August 2017

Mark Hailwood I went to a conference, and all I got was this lousy blog post. That’s right, this is one of those blog posts thought up whilst staring pensively out of a train...

A reading list of scholarship by people of colour on slavery and colonialism, c.1500-175

25 July 2017

Brodie Waddell While putting together a reading list for a new undergraduate module at Birkbeck on ‘The Early Modern World, c.1500-1750’, I decided to seek advice from the...

The Monster @ 5

18 July 2017

Well, well. It was five years ago today that the many-headed monster first reared it’s head in the blogosphere. It all started with a pithy welcome post advising our readers that...