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What is microhistory now?

20 June 2017

Brodie Waddell Ulinka Rublack, in her introduction to a recent symposium at the Institute for Historical research, argued that it was time for us to revisit ‘microhistory’....

What should prospective history students read over the summer?

15 June 2017

Laura Sangha and #twitterstorians Last week I asked historians on twitter what three books they would recommend for prospective students to read over the summer – those students...

Employability: the role of the academic tutor

24 May 2017

Employability may be an ugly word, but it is increasingly an important part of teaching and learning at my higher education institution. In a world of tuition fees, student satisfaction...

Concluding Thoughts

20 April 2017

This concluding post to our After Iconophobia Online Symposium comes from Jonathan Willis, monster-head and Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History in the Department of History at the...