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Shakespeare’s Sonnets 121 to 126, printed in 2016

23 March 2017

Vile or vile esteemed? Look hard for the ‘missing’ lines in Sonnet 126. More to come on these sonnets, with notes of their making, in a later blogpost.

Shakespeare’s Sonnets 100 to 120, printed in 2016

11 March 2017

In 2016, the 400 year after William Shakespeare’s death, the Bodleian Library asked printers around the world to print his sonnets afresh. These are the results. See more Shakespeare...

‘His Majesty, Mrs Brown’: letters from the second catalogue of Bodleian Student Editions

7 March 2017

Mike Webb (Curator of Early Modern Archives and Manuscripts) writes: The second Bodleian Students Editions catalogue is now available online through Early Modern Letters Online (EMLO)....