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Water to Drink: Fit Only for Invalids and Chickens?

12 December 2017

By David Gentilcore  When the French Dominican Jean-Baptiste Labat was captured by the Spanish in the 1690s, and offered water to drink aboard ship, he informed the chaplain...

Teaching a Perfect Knowledge in the Arts and Sciences: Robert Dossie’s chemical, pharmaceutical, and artistic handbooks

7 December 2017

By Marieke Hendriksen Robert Dossie (1717-1777) was and English apothecary, experimental chemist, and writer. Within just three years, he published three very successful handbooks:...

“Stone Soup”: Reflections on Community Conversations

5 December 2017

Editorial: This is the final of a series of reflection posts from Recipe Project contributors and editors. By Jennifer Sherman Roberts Recipes form communities. Readers of...

Mary Napier’s “Snaile Milke”: Transmission, Materiality, and Medical Practice

30 November 2017

By Alexandra Kennedy For a postgraduate project on material texts, I spent several chilly autumn weeks bundled in a scarf and coat in the Bodleian Library’s Special Collections,...