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Summary of Day 6 ‘What is a Recipe?’

26 June 2017

In case you missed the latest installment of ‘What is a Recipe?’, you can catch up with a Storify of the day by Tallulah Maait Pepperell! [View the story “The Recipes...

Day 6: What is a recipe?

24 June 2017

Welcome to Day 6 of our virtual conversation on ‘What is a Recipe?’. Don’t forget to check out the H-Nutrition discussion which has been going on all week! This is...

Henri’s kitchen: 3. Croque Madame

24 June 2017

Harry Hayfield, a resident of Ceredigion in Wales, has long had an interest in the stories of the Musketeers which are set in early 17th century France, this led in turn to an interest...

Boundaries: Reflections on Day 5

24 June 2017

By Lisa Smith, with Rosie Redstone I found myself thinking of the importance of limts and boundaries throughout the day: What is the importance of place and time for a recipe? How does...