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Artifacts at an Exhibition: The Art and Science of Healing at the University of Michigan

27 April 2017

By Pablo Alvarez Last February we opened the exhibit, “The Art and Science of Healing: From Antiquity to the Renaissance,” at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology and the University...

Counter-Revolution in a Bowl

25 April 2017

 By Christopher Hodson To be sure, it’s just a soup recipe. In 1813 or 1814, somewhere in Hertfordshire, England, an anonymous local wrote out “Count Rumford’s...

Tales from the Archives: Controlled Substances in Roman Law and Pharmacy

20 April 2017

In September 2016, The Recipes Project celebrated its fourth birthday. We now have over 500 posts in our archives and over 120 pages for readers to sift through. That’s a lot...

Cold Case I. Hidden Identities Between Printed and Manuscript Recipes

18 April 2017

Sabrina Minuzzi  The marginalia of printed books can sometimes reveal hidden worlds. Printed books themselves can be considered historical evidence, as I learned several years...