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Tales from the Archives: A November Feast in Medieval Europe

18 May 2017

In September 2016, The Recipes Project celebrated its fourth birthday. We now have over 500 posts in our archives and over 120 pages for readers to sift through. That’s a lot...

‘Thus it prevails against its time’: distillation and cycles of nature in early modern pharmacy

16 May 2017

By Tillmann Taape In past centuries, devoid of freezers and heated greenhouses, the seasons affected medicines as well as foodstuffs. In addition to pickled vegetables and stored grain,...

Depending on the season

11 May 2017

By Jennifer A. Munroe In Charlotte, NC it was 90 degrees (Fahrenheit) yesterday, with a blistering sun that felt more like mid-summer than mid-spring; today it is 50 degrees and raining...

The Fruits of Summer in the Dead of Winter

9 May 2017

Molly Taylor-Poleskey In the seventeenth century, life ebbed and flowed with the seasons. In my research into the court household of Berlin, I noted seasonal shifts in livery, lighting,...