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Sea, the Conference

20 March 2017

This blog has often touched on the subject of ‘sea blindness’ in modern Britain, notably here, and I also took that as the theme of the keynote lecture I delivered to last...

Carmarthenshire Archives (and more) Revisited

13 March 2017

Regular readers will remember that, some eighteen months ago, this site built up quite a head of steam about the dire state of Carmarthenshire’s county archives. To cut a long...

At Last It Can Be Told!

27 February 2017

Cue fanfare from massed ranks of trumpeters, plus assorted Welsh male voice choirs… I can finally reveal the really exciting news that I’ve had to keep under wraps for...

The Barbary Corsair Raid on Iceland, 1627

20 February 2017

This week, I’m delighted to welcome Professor Adam Nichols as my guest blogger. Adam is the co-author of a new book which provides a first-hand account of one of a remarkable...