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When Two Tribes go to…Conferences

24 April 2017

To start with this week, some long-awaited and exciting news – The Rage of Fortune, the prequel to the Quinton series, has just been published as an e-book by Endeavour Press,...

A Falklands War – 35 Years On

17 April 2017

Still in Easter holiday mode, so no completely new post this week. But as it’s currently the 35th anniversary of the Falklands War, I thought I’d re-blog this post from...

Eggs and Bacon, Belly Squeaks, and Polly Infamous – Revisited!

10 April 2017

Easter holiday mode at the moment, so for the next couple of weeks I’m going to re-blog some posts from the very early days of this site, which were originally seen by the relatively...

Ancient Wreck

3 April 2017

To Wales for the weekend for my ‘big birthday’ (clue: I won’t see my twenties again – or several other decades, either). While there, we went for a bracing walk...